Friday, 15 April 2011

Rainy Day Lazers

It's a horrible day. But sometimes horrible days inside with three kids are fun. Like when they start fighting and screaming and dropping a plate of peas on the floor. So good. I wish it rained all the time. So then I said "Hey let's do some drawings for the LBDs!" but nobody new what I was talking about. Then I said, "Ok well let's draw Hulk, Sonic and Chewbacca then." That won em over. Here's some drawing from a rainy day. Captions are from actual conversations that took place between Milo, Iggy, Eddie and myself during our illustration session.

Milo: "Hey Dad, remember when I drew that dragon blasting dolphins? 
Well this is a sea snake blasting sharks. But one shark is escaping"

Eddie: "Guys, want me to FREAK YOU OUT?! Even though 
Michael Jackson is dead... Usher is coming to Australia."

Iggy: "Dad, I didn't draw Chewbacca's legs long enough. Can you fix it?"

Milo when told there was only museli for breakfast: "I'm never going 
to eat again for as long as I live."

Iggy: "This is Chewbacca with 15 knives and five light sabers. And guess 
who's up behind him in his space ship? Yep, that's right. Darth Vader."
Eddie: "I like Knuckles more than Nemo."

Milo: "If anyone beats me then they're cheating."

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