Thursday, 4 August 2011

This is for Dad

Kids. The other day I got a bit cranky with Milo and sent him to his room. He went in there and slammed the door in my face. After a few minutes he walked out and gave me this. The funniest thing about this drawing is I'm in the background and it totally looks like I've just sent this monster to his room. Ha ha. Check out his angry face! Look out door you're about to get slammed!

Battles Continue

Big Ben 10 vs Little Ben 10. Big Gwen vs Little Gwen. Big Kevin 11 vs Little Kevin 11. And... at night. Shiz is gettin' real yo!

Out of Space Cat Aliens

I says to Milo, "Man we haven't done anything on the blog for ages." And he's like, "I'll do a three headed dragon versing Wild Mutt." And I says, "Nah, use your imagination. Do something you've never even thought of before." And he's like,"You mean like Out of Space Cat Aliens or something?" And I'm like, "HELLS YEAH!"

My Dad's Riding the Blood Wave

Imagine how good it feels when your six year old son comes up to you with a drawing like this and says: "This is you Dad, riding the blood wave!" I live in this world and let me tell you, it is awesome!