Thursday, 22 September 2011


When Milo is on man, he is SO on. Check out this wild circle battle on the left. Man you would not want to be a square on that page. Your shiz would get totally rubbed out! And what about pot bellied Spiderman stumbling down the street after what looks like a mighty all nighter. GET A LIFE SPIDEY!


"This is Dino the monster. He eats everyone to make him stronger. He likes to jump on people. He's got lots of feet because he wants to fly but he's too heavy to fly so he has so many feet. He's holding on to Ninja Turtle weapons: swords, a rope, a lazer coming out of his mouth. Michaelangelo is trying to catch the pizza but he can't reach. He has faces and a tree too. Michaelangelo is saying "Pissa Dudes". He has sharp teeth because he's a dinosaur monster. I think this drawing is awesome because it's so big." – Iggy

Holiday List

Milo likes to know what's going on. "Let's make a list, Dad," he tells me. "Then we'll know what's going on for the week." I'm pretty hopeless as making plans so I was down with this idea. So Milo, Iggy and me sat down and planned out our week. First thing I wrote down was Sunday - Clean Room - which was met with a chorus of "BOOOOO!"s. Then I wrote "sausages" which was met with a chorus of approval. Then I wrote "Go to the beach" cause I'm always trying to get the boys to surf and once again I was "Booooo"ed out of the room. On Monday we decided to kick things off with some wrestles. One of the kids always ends up crying when we wrestle so I just thought we may as well get the crying out of the way on Monday cause Monday sux anyway. Tuesday is "Draw for the blog" day. Milo asked me if this blog was making him famous. I told him if he ends up playing for the Sea Eagles one day THEN he'll be famous. Wednesday is Taco night. Grandpas favourite food. I drew a little cowboy and Iggy drew a Taco for a hat. Funny guy. Thursday is hang out with Nanny and visit Oma in the home day. I don't know why that made Iggy think of surfing. Oma can't surf. Friday we decided to get Chinese and watch a movie. Milo likes "Juicy Brown Chicken" which I have never seen on a Chinese Menu ever and actually have no idea what he's talking about. Iggy likes Fried Rice. On Saturday we're gonna visit Eddie, go the movies, have some ice cream and kick something. Making lists is nice. It's nice to know what;s going on.