Sunday, 18 December 2011


The other day Ig was feelin' a bit sick so me and Milo just chilled out in the house watching movies all day while Ig slept. That was fun, it was raining anyway. At about lunchtime the sun came out and by the afternoon everything had dried up. Milo and I walked to the window and looked out at the driveway. Then we both noticed a big bucket of chalk on his desk. We looked at eachother. We were both smiling. I said to Milo "ARE YOU THINKING WHAT I'M THINKING?" And he said "ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT EATING SOME YOGHURT?" And I said, "NO. I"M THINKING WE SHOULD DO A HUGE LAZER BREATHING DRAGON ON THE DRIVEWAY WITH THAT CHALK!" And Milo said, "YEAH! AFTER WE EAT SOME YOGHURT!" So we ate some yoghurt and then we went downstairs and did this together. And all the while poor sick little Iggy slept.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Note the subtle differences here between the card made for Jagger's birthday (I think he turned five) and the card made for Sugar's Birthday (I think she turned one). Milo has crafted some excellent mutant scorpions that he says "Could easily kill Iron Man." He's also drawn Iggy as some sort of fat bee. Iggy, who was in charge of doing Sugar's card, spelled her name amazing and if I was Sam and Shez I'd be thinking about taking some liquid paper to the ol birth certificate. He also drew "Shooga" sitting down in the middle of his card. Aaaaaaawwww....


When I was in High School I went through a phase of listening to Pantera. When Milo was in Kindergarten he went through a phase of writing letters to Santera. Full chip off the ol' block stuff. He wrote this by himself without any help from anyone. Ken you gif me? Yes you ken!

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Milo and Iggy have a new Cuzzy bro. Mickey Fox who like hi sbig bro Ed and Ed's sculpture Spike is from Avalon. Chur bro!

Culler it in wen wer gon

Found this note from Milo all folded up on his desk. Ha! Can do little buddy!


Ig's got a thing for skeleton's at the moment. He comes in the other day and hand's me this. I says, "What is it?" Ig says, "It's a skeleton's eye. I love you Dad." I had to get a tissue and dab gently at the tears of joy rolling off my cheeks.


Boys got new skate decks a while back and have been grinding coping and shredding mad hand plant all over the gutters out front of the house. Problem was they both got the same deck "GOOD ONE DAD!" Milo liked his deck design but Iggy was happy for his first pro model after taking the drop at the local skatepark. He calls his deck :"SKELETON HULK!"

Fig.2: Milo about to feel the weightlessness of pure vert.

Fig.3: Iggy over the hip. Thrashin'!
Fig.1: SKELETON HULK - The Iggy Pro Model Deck.

Tim, Jo, Spike and X-Boy

Had Ed dog around on the weekend. Mad fun. We all watched Megamind. Mad movie. Then we ate a pack of Smarties each. Mad treat. Then in the morning we made some sculptures. Mad nerdy. PS. Where the heck is this Fig place? I've never heard of it and the boys won't tell me. Mad bummed.

Fig.1: Blueprint of Jo from Mars by Milo.

Fig.2: Blueprint of Spike from Avalon by Eddie.

Fig.3: Blueprint of Tim from Fig by Iggy.

Fig.4: Blueprint of X-Boy from Fig by Milo

Fig.5: Sculpture of Jo from Mars. "He'll crush your bones for fun." - Milo.

Fig.6: Sculpture of Spike from Avalon. "Spike can do ollies." - Eddie.

Fig.7: Sculpture of Tim from Fig. "Tim's cool isn't he dad?" - Iggy.

Fig.8: Sculpture of X-boy from Fig. "X-Boy eats swamp rats." - Milo.

Fig.9: Ed dog and Spike. Both from Av.

Fig.10: Milo and X-Boy. Go Fig!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nobbie and Monstra

Milo got given an assignment at school. The assignment said, "Use your imagination to make up a character. Make up a home town for him. Draw him. And tell us a story about him. Do it by Tuesday next week or we'll whip your legs with a giant shoot of Bamboo." It didn't really say that last bit. Anyway on Sunday after skate lessons at Gromtown the boys and I sat down to come up with our characters. Iggy and I didn't really need to cause we don't go to school, but we decided to do it anyway. First we did up some blue prints and then we got our craft box out and brought our characters to life. Milo came up with a one eyed dude called Nobbie with a really thick black eyebrow. For your information he "DOES NOT HAVE EARS!" Unfortunately we had to reverse his colour scheme cause I stuffed up and and dropped him in red paint. Anyway Nobbie lives on Jupiter and eats poisonous gas for breakfast. Iggy made up a creature called Monstra. Monstra has fat legs and black claws. I don't know where he lives. Maybe he lives in Rose Bay? Anyway Monstra eats tomato sauce cause his body is made from a tomato sauce bottle. I made up a cyclops robot called Valentino Tokyo. Compared to Nobbie and Monstra it was pretty lame. So as soon as the boys left for school with Nobbie and Monstra I set Valentino Tokyo on fire.

Fig 1. Blueprints of Nobbie and Monstra

Fig 2. Nobbie and Monstra come to life

Fig 3. Milo and Nobbie, Iggy and Monstra

Fig 4. Nobbie, Valentino Tokyo and Monstra - shortly before Valentino's unfortunate incineration

Thursday, 22 September 2011


When Milo is on man, he is SO on. Check out this wild circle battle on the left. Man you would not want to be a square on that page. Your shiz would get totally rubbed out! And what about pot bellied Spiderman stumbling down the street after what looks like a mighty all nighter. GET A LIFE SPIDEY!


"This is Dino the monster. He eats everyone to make him stronger. He likes to jump on people. He's got lots of feet because he wants to fly but he's too heavy to fly so he has so many feet. He's holding on to Ninja Turtle weapons: swords, a rope, a lazer coming out of his mouth. Michaelangelo is trying to catch the pizza but he can't reach. He has faces and a tree too. Michaelangelo is saying "Pissa Dudes". He has sharp teeth because he's a dinosaur monster. I think this drawing is awesome because it's so big." – Iggy

Holiday List

Milo likes to know what's going on. "Let's make a list, Dad," he tells me. "Then we'll know what's going on for the week." I'm pretty hopeless as making plans so I was down with this idea. So Milo, Iggy and me sat down and planned out our week. First thing I wrote down was Sunday - Clean Room - which was met with a chorus of "BOOOOO!"s. Then I wrote "sausages" which was met with a chorus of approval. Then I wrote "Go to the beach" cause I'm always trying to get the boys to surf and once again I was "Booooo"ed out of the room. On Monday we decided to kick things off with some wrestles. One of the kids always ends up crying when we wrestle so I just thought we may as well get the crying out of the way on Monday cause Monday sux anyway. Tuesday is "Draw for the blog" day. Milo asked me if this blog was making him famous. I told him if he ends up playing for the Sea Eagles one day THEN he'll be famous. Wednesday is Taco night. Grandpas favourite food. I drew a little cowboy and Iggy drew a Taco for a hat. Funny guy. Thursday is hang out with Nanny and visit Oma in the home day. I don't know why that made Iggy think of surfing. Oma can't surf. Friday we decided to get Chinese and watch a movie. Milo likes "Juicy Brown Chicken" which I have never seen on a Chinese Menu ever and actually have no idea what he's talking about. Iggy likes Fried Rice. On Saturday we're gonna visit Eddie, go the movies, have some ice cream and kick something. Making lists is nice. It's nice to know what;s going on.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

This is for Dad

Kids. The other day I got a bit cranky with Milo and sent him to his room. He went in there and slammed the door in my face. After a few minutes he walked out and gave me this. The funniest thing about this drawing is I'm in the background and it totally looks like I've just sent this monster to his room. Ha ha. Check out his angry face! Look out door you're about to get slammed!

Battles Continue

Big Ben 10 vs Little Ben 10. Big Gwen vs Little Gwen. Big Kevin 11 vs Little Kevin 11. And... at night. Shiz is gettin' real yo!

Out of Space Cat Aliens

I says to Milo, "Man we haven't done anything on the blog for ages." And he's like, "I'll do a three headed dragon versing Wild Mutt." And I says, "Nah, use your imagination. Do something you've never even thought of before." And he's like,"You mean like Out of Space Cat Aliens or something?" And I'm like, "HELLS YEAH!"

My Dad's Riding the Blood Wave

Imagine how good it feels when your six year old son comes up to you with a drawing like this and says: "This is you Dad, riding the blood wave!" I live in this world and let me tell you, it is awesome!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


There I was right, going through all these really serious super important files and papers at work when I suddenly came across the lost archives of Iggy. A super radical Hedgehog Battle and an Iron Maiden Haircut looking Hulk about to wail on an orange sedan. I put them straight into the "HIGHLY SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED" section of my filing cabinet. Shit is getting real!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Battle Royale

The boys love drawing battles. Their favourites at the moment are Ninjago battles. Ninjago versus Sonic Battles. Ninjago versus Star Wars Battles. Ninjago versus Oprah Winfrey Battles. I made that last one up. This is one of Milo's all in Battles.

Techno Gremlins

I only figured out photoshop last year and once I had it down I still had to ring tech savvy friends every five minutes to be reminded how to use tools like Paint Bucket and eraser. So yesterday I pull in some black and white photo's I'd taken of Milo's latest drawings and I say to him "Hey let's colour a few in with the computer." I get up and go to the bathroom and when I get back he's already getting started. Pickin' colours, blockin' in dinosaurs, creating worlds. Then Iggy gets on and does the same thing! He's four! I'm so irrelevant.

"Watch out for the creatures of the night." - Milo

"Ice versus Joker Skeleton." Milo

"Brachiosaurus and Raptor" - Milo

"Shadow returns home to Sonic." - Iggy

"When dinosaurs ruled our world." - Milo

Friday, 20 May 2011

Iggy's Shadow

Even Iggy's shadow sucks it's fingers. That's it, they're both grounded.

Bondi Bros

My kids live in Bondi. I don't care if they grow up to be fashionistas but I told em straight, "If you go for the Roosters Santa won't bring you presents." Sea Eagles kids, through and through. 

Mother's Day Cards

Boys love their Nanny. Here's some mother's Day cards we made together.
Pic.1 – Sonic Vs Shark by Milo.

 Pic.2 – Animal by Dad

Fruit Shopping

 Pic.1 – The Selection...

Took Iggy to the fruit shop the other day. Says to him, "You can have any bit of fruit in the whole shop." He says, "Cool." We get there and I says, "So, do you want a mandarin?" He says, "Nup." I says, "Do you want an apple?" He says, "Nup." I says, "Well what do you want then?" And he just sticks his fingers in his mouth and points.

Pic.2 – Close-up

Pic.3 – Extreme close-up... not fruit.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Rain Day Lazers Part 2

Kids are so competitive. Eddie and Milo did three drawings each cause they colour in real fast, but Iggy never leaves a single bit of white in his drawings if he can help it. He's gnarly with his colouring. So he asked if we could put a couple more Hulks in just to be fair.

Iggy: "This Hulk has green eyes and yellow teeth. That means he's a real Hulk."

 Iggy: "Hulky smash doesn't he Dad. Hulky smash stuff."

Eddie: "You're Shadow Iggy, I'm Knuckles and Milo is Sonic."