Friday, 15 April 2011

Rain Day Lazers Part 2

Kids are so competitive. Eddie and Milo did three drawings each cause they colour in real fast, but Iggy never leaves a single bit of white in his drawings if he can help it. He's gnarly with his colouring. So he asked if we could put a couple more Hulks in just to be fair.

Iggy: "This Hulk has green eyes and yellow teeth. That means he's a real Hulk."

 Iggy: "Hulky smash doesn't he Dad. Hulky smash stuff."

Eddie: "You're Shadow Iggy, I'm Knuckles and Milo is Sonic."



Rainy Day Lazers

It's a horrible day. But sometimes horrible days inside with three kids are fun. Like when they start fighting and screaming and dropping a plate of peas on the floor. So good. I wish it rained all the time. So then I said "Hey let's do some drawings for the LBDs!" but nobody new what I was talking about. Then I said, "Ok well let's draw Hulk, Sonic and Chewbacca then." That won em over. Here's some drawing from a rainy day. Captions are from actual conversations that took place between Milo, Iggy, Eddie and myself during our illustration session.

Milo: "Hey Dad, remember when I drew that dragon blasting dolphins? 
Well this is a sea snake blasting sharks. But one shark is escaping"

Eddie: "Guys, want me to FREAK YOU OUT?! Even though 
Michael Jackson is dead... Usher is coming to Australia."

Iggy: "Dad, I didn't draw Chewbacca's legs long enough. Can you fix it?"

Milo when told there was only museli for breakfast: "I'm never going 
to eat again for as long as I live."

Iggy: "This is Chewbacca with 15 knives and five light sabers. And guess 
who's up behind him in his space ship? Yep, that's right. Darth Vader."
Eddie: "I like Knuckles more than Nemo."

Milo: "If anyone beats me then they're cheating."

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Of course, if you make an Easter bonnet with one of your kids, the other kid wants to make one too. Iggy was psyched to make a werewolf bonnet with sharp teeth cause he's right in the middle of a big Michael Jackson's Thriller phase. He likes the werewolves at the start of the clip better than the Zombies at the end of it.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Milo's Easter Bonnet

Milo had to make an Easter bonnet for the parade at school so after dinner we sat down with a note pad each and started sketching out ideas. I did the first drawing (Pic 1.) and argued that Milo would have serious cred if he did a black rabbit. He was like. "No Dad, that's way too scary. AND I don't like sharp teeth." So he did a sketch (Pic 2.) and said he wanted a "nice rabbit". I was like, "Well I can see where you're coming from, so how about this?" And I drew (Pic 3.) We were both happy with that and as a special treat Milo let me keep the evil orange eyes from my original drawing. Milo did all the cutting and sticky taping once I'd drawn the outlines. Ours was easily the most evil bonnet at the parade (Pic 4.).

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Pic 3.

Pic 4.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Milo Cool with digital scan and paintbucket filling by Zumbi G.

Asked to do a space dolphin for the Surfing World Website, Milo Cool drew a most epic battle between three space dolphins and a fire breathing water dragon. - Mike Jennings

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Daniel Johnston Can't Draw Hulk

I got this Daniel Johnston drawing of the Hulk for Iggy and you know what he said when he saw it. "That's not the Hulk Dad. Hulk has black hair. That's Hulk's friend." Then Ig told me he wanted to draw a real Hulk and put in a frame so that Daniel Johnston's Hulk Friend had a real Hulk to play with. So we did it.

Ickaboo Stew

When Milo was about two Ozzie used to babysit him quite a bit so I could go for a surf. One time I got back to the house and they'd done this masterpiece together. It's been the primary work in our lounge room ever since.

Shadow and his shadow... obviously

Iggy got kind of forced into liking Shadow the best because Milo claimed he liked Sonic the best and Eddie claimed Knuckles. But bless him cause Ig is a cruiser and is happy to roll with whatever keeps the flow. This is Shadow with his Shadow.

Lazer Breathing Dragons

I've had a lot of proud moments as a Dad but few will ever top the day when Milo walked up with this drawing. I said "What's that?" Milo said. "It's an angry three headed lazer breathing dragon." It's the very sentence every Dad hopes to hear his child say one day. We cut it out together and I added the lazers. No wonder cool is his middle name.

Star Wars

I never really liked Science Fiction but man I was stoked when Mi and Ig got into Star Wars. Check out this heavy battle just off the forest moon of Endor.

Iron Man

The boys have always loved their superheroes but for Milo nobody comes close to Iron Man. When we play wrestles he'll often smash me out the window and over the neighbour's fence with his nuclear powered palm blast.

Iggy Monet

I can't remember what Iggy said these orange and blue things raining out of the sky were but I remember learning in art class that Monet always put hints of orange in his blues to help his blues pop. Superfly.

The Incredible Hulks

Iggy told me Red Hulk and Green Hulk were two different guys. I said, "Nah, I'm pretty sure Red Hulk is just when Green Hulk gets really really really mad." Ig goes "Nah, Red Hulk is different." So I googled it and it turns out Ig was right. Moral: Don't mess with a Hulk aficionado.

Fat Sonic

Sonic need to lay off the enchiladas or he'll lose all his speedy gonzalez, ese.


Back when the boys loved dinosaurs they had a thing for the mighty jawed and comically armed T-Rex. We did this painting together on the verandah. Just like the T-Rex, this painting is so big it doesn't fit in my car.

Somic Versus Shadow Round 1

When Shadow steals Sonic's yoghurt from out of the work fridge, it's on baby.


Found this drawing of Milo's first Spiderman. Way cooler than my first spider man, which was just a man with eight legs.

Sonic the Fridgehog

This is Sonic and Knuckles the Fridgehogs. Milo painted Sonic and Iggy painted knuckles. It took Vaughan Dad three weeks to clean the drips from the paint off the kitchen floor