Tuesday, 21 June 2011


There I was right, going through all these really serious super important files and papers at work when I suddenly came across the lost archives of Iggy. A super radical Hedgehog Battle and an Iron Maiden Haircut looking Hulk about to wail on an orange sedan. I put them straight into the "HIGHLY SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED" section of my filing cabinet. Shit is getting real!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Battle Royale

The boys love drawing battles. Their favourites at the moment are Ninjago battles. Ninjago versus Sonic Battles. Ninjago versus Star Wars Battles. Ninjago versus Oprah Winfrey Battles. I made that last one up. This is one of Milo's all in Battles.

Techno Gremlins

I only figured out photoshop last year and once I had it down I still had to ring tech savvy friends every five minutes to be reminded how to use tools like Paint Bucket and eraser. So yesterday I pull in some black and white photo's I'd taken of Milo's latest drawings and I say to him "Hey let's colour a few in with the computer." I get up and go to the bathroom and when I get back he's already getting started. Pickin' colours, blockin' in dinosaurs, creating worlds. Then Iggy gets on and does the same thing! He's four! I'm so irrelevant.

"Watch out for the creatures of the night." - Milo

"Ice versus Joker Skeleton." Milo

"Brachiosaurus and Raptor" - Milo

"Shadow returns home to Sonic." - Iggy

"When dinosaurs ruled our world." - Milo