Friday, 8 April 2011

Milo's Easter Bonnet

Milo had to make an Easter bonnet for the parade at school so after dinner we sat down with a note pad each and started sketching out ideas. I did the first drawing (Pic 1.) and argued that Milo would have serious cred if he did a black rabbit. He was like. "No Dad, that's way too scary. AND I don't like sharp teeth." So he did a sketch (Pic 2.) and said he wanted a "nice rabbit". I was like, "Well I can see where you're coming from, so how about this?" And I drew (Pic 3.) We were both happy with that and as a special treat Milo let me keep the evil orange eyes from my original drawing. Milo did all the cutting and sticky taping once I'd drawn the outlines. Ours was easily the most evil bonnet at the parade (Pic 4.).

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Pic 3.

Pic 4.

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