Friday, 20 May 2011

Iggy's Shadow

Even Iggy's shadow sucks it's fingers. That's it, they're both grounded.

Bondi Bros

My kids live in Bondi. I don't care if they grow up to be fashionistas but I told em straight, "If you go for the Roosters Santa won't bring you presents." Sea Eagles kids, through and through. 

Mother's Day Cards

Boys love their Nanny. Here's some mother's Day cards we made together.
Pic.1 – Sonic Vs Shark by Milo.

 Pic.2 – Animal by Dad

Fruit Shopping

 Pic.1 – The Selection...

Took Iggy to the fruit shop the other day. Says to him, "You can have any bit of fruit in the whole shop." He says, "Cool." We get there and I says, "So, do you want a mandarin?" He says, "Nup." I says, "Do you want an apple?" He says, "Nup." I says, "Well what do you want then?" And he just sticks his fingers in his mouth and points.

Pic.2 – Close-up

Pic.3 – Extreme close-up... not fruit.