Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nobbie and Monstra

Milo got given an assignment at school. The assignment said, "Use your imagination to make up a character. Make up a home town for him. Draw him. And tell us a story about him. Do it by Tuesday next week or we'll whip your legs with a giant shoot of Bamboo." It didn't really say that last bit. Anyway on Sunday after skate lessons at Gromtown the boys and I sat down to come up with our characters. Iggy and I didn't really need to cause we don't go to school, but we decided to do it anyway. First we did up some blue prints and then we got our craft box out and brought our characters to life. Milo came up with a one eyed dude called Nobbie with a really thick black eyebrow. For your information he "DOES NOT HAVE EARS!" Unfortunately we had to reverse his colour scheme cause I stuffed up and and dropped him in red paint. Anyway Nobbie lives on Jupiter and eats poisonous gas for breakfast. Iggy made up a creature called Monstra. Monstra has fat legs and black claws. I don't know where he lives. Maybe he lives in Rose Bay? Anyway Monstra eats tomato sauce cause his body is made from a tomato sauce bottle. I made up a cyclops robot called Valentino Tokyo. Compared to Nobbie and Monstra it was pretty lame. So as soon as the boys left for school with Nobbie and Monstra I set Valentino Tokyo on fire.

Fig 1. Blueprints of Nobbie and Monstra

Fig 2. Nobbie and Monstra come to life

Fig 3. Milo and Nobbie, Iggy and Monstra

Fig 4. Nobbie, Valentino Tokyo and Monstra - shortly before Valentino's unfortunate incineration