Monday, 5 March 2012


Milo says to me as I'm tucking him in the other day "Dad, I've never seen the sun rise." I was like, "Are you serious?"And he was all "For reals homey." So I says to him, "Do you wanna get up early and check it out tomorrow?" And Milo says "Sure." So I set my alarm for 6:35 cause the sun is due to pop up at 6:38. Next day we get up early and go down there and wouldn't you know it, it's fricken cloudy. But there is a bit of hope, there's a great big hole in the clouds. "If we hang around the sun might shine through the gap," I tell Milo. So we hang out and although we get some nice rays of light we don't get the sun. "BOOOOOOOO!" I scream at the sun. "YOU SUCK!" We leave the beach a bit disapointed. Few weeks later Iggy is all "Dad, I've never seen the sunrise." And I'm all, "Ok, tomorrow is the day." I look up the sunrise times and it's like 15 minutes earlier than last time. (You lose two minutes a day at this time of year which I thought was outrageous!) Anyway we get up super early but Milo is in a foul mood cause he pretty much hates mornings. Iggy is all dressed and running down the stairs and Milo is over it. But I'm like "Dude, this is the day, there's no clouds!" And he says "NNNNNYYYYAAAAGGGHHHH". So I pick him up and carry him to the beach. And you know what? It's a beautiful sunrise. Absolutely perfect and Milo just covers his eyes with hands the whole time and refuses to watch it. Then he runs inside with his hands over his eyes narrowly avoiding a fence. Milo still hasn't seen the sunrise and to be honest I don't think he cares for them.

Fig.1: Milo's not-quite sunrise

Fig.2: The sunrise Iggy saw that Milo refused to watch...

Monday, 13 February 2012


Without any prompting or encouragement or coaching from me, Iggy did his first ever comic strip while we were on holidays in Byron. This strip tells the story of me (the spikey headed dude) standing a  bit too close to a bomb monster. As it turns out the bomb monster explodes, but luckily I escape exiting page left (you can see a few lines from where I made the dash). Now I don't know about you, but in my opinion this comic makes a lot more sense than Fred Bassett. I think I actually hate that dog.

Milo's Fire Dragon

You know where people go wrong with dragons? They draw their necks too skinny. Next time you see any reptile have a good look at its neck. There is no neck man, there's only girth. A big thick chuck of meat and bone that feeds into comically small arms or front legs or big membraneous wings. Milo knows this, that's why his fire dragon is kicking your ass in the head!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

See Ya Summer!

How good are summer holidays when your roughly between the ages of 5 and 7? Nothin' to do but hang with your cuzzys pullin' faces, fling yourself into the wind off head high sand dunes and hammer through suburbia on ya new treddley. And they say kids ain't safe to be kids anymore?

Fig.1:  The Goonies (version 2.0) with Chunk, Monkey and Bruddah...

 Fig.2: Truffle Shuffle replaced by the squashed mango face...

Fig.3: It started out as a kite flying arvo but the fricken kite wouldn't fly so I snapped it into 30 pieces and gave Iggy the tail. He had a much simpler method to get that airborne.

Fig.4: Milo Cool at the very moment he arrived back on earth after pushing through an invisible portal from another dimension...

 Fig.5: Max and Goose, overlords of surburbia...

 Fig.6: Lord Humungas, warrior of the wastelands,  the ayatolla of rock and rolla...

 Fig.7: This week Iggy starts school for the first time. If I were an artist I'd say this shot is symbolic of his first tentative pushes onto the long road ahead. But I'm not an artist so I'll just say here's a photo of Iggy riding his bike.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fishing with Gran

Back in the day my Bedste used to take me fishing. We went up the Bruns river and caught flatheads and bream and whiting mostly. Good memories. Last year Bedste died and so recently me and the boys went to visit Gran and do a bit of fishing in the backyard in memory of Bedste's awesomeness. While Gran and I sat there eating cake, Ig and Mi realed in these two bream. They were a good size but we threw em back. Bedste only kept absolute bangers. Also Iggy had three pieces of cake which made Gran laugh.