Monday, 28 November 2011


Note the subtle differences here between the card made for Jagger's birthday (I think he turned five) and the card made for Sugar's Birthday (I think she turned one). Milo has crafted some excellent mutant scorpions that he says "Could easily kill Iron Man." He's also drawn Iggy as some sort of fat bee. Iggy, who was in charge of doing Sugar's card, spelled her name amazing and if I was Sam and Shez I'd be thinking about taking some liquid paper to the ol birth certificate. He also drew "Shooga" sitting down in the middle of his card. Aaaaaaawwww....


When I was in High School I went through a phase of listening to Pantera. When Milo was in Kindergarten he went through a phase of writing letters to Santera. Full chip off the ol' block stuff. He wrote this by himself without any help from anyone. Ken you gif me? Yes you ken!

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Milo and Iggy have a new Cuzzy bro. Mickey Fox who like hi sbig bro Ed and Ed's sculpture Spike is from Avalon. Chur bro!

Culler it in wen wer gon

Found this note from Milo all folded up on his desk. Ha! Can do little buddy!


Ig's got a thing for skeleton's at the moment. He comes in the other day and hand's me this. I says, "What is it?" Ig says, "It's a skeleton's eye. I love you Dad." I had to get a tissue and dab gently at the tears of joy rolling off my cheeks.


Boys got new skate decks a while back and have been grinding coping and shredding mad hand plant all over the gutters out front of the house. Problem was they both got the same deck "GOOD ONE DAD!" Milo liked his deck design but Iggy was happy for his first pro model after taking the drop at the local skatepark. He calls his deck :"SKELETON HULK!"

Fig.2: Milo about to feel the weightlessness of pure vert.

Fig.3: Iggy over the hip. Thrashin'!
Fig.1: SKELETON HULK - The Iggy Pro Model Deck.

Tim, Jo, Spike and X-Boy

Had Ed dog around on the weekend. Mad fun. We all watched Megamind. Mad movie. Then we ate a pack of Smarties each. Mad treat. Then in the morning we made some sculptures. Mad nerdy. PS. Where the heck is this Fig place? I've never heard of it and the boys won't tell me. Mad bummed.

Fig.1: Blueprint of Jo from Mars by Milo.

Fig.2: Blueprint of Spike from Avalon by Eddie.

Fig.3: Blueprint of Tim from Fig by Iggy.

Fig.4: Blueprint of X-Boy from Fig by Milo

Fig.5: Sculpture of Jo from Mars. "He'll crush your bones for fun." - Milo.

Fig.6: Sculpture of Spike from Avalon. "Spike can do ollies." - Eddie.

Fig.7: Sculpture of Tim from Fig. "Tim's cool isn't he dad?" - Iggy.

Fig.8: Sculpture of X-boy from Fig. "X-Boy eats swamp rats." - Milo.

Fig.9: Ed dog and Spike. Both from Av.

Fig.10: Milo and X-Boy. Go Fig!