Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tim, Jo, Spike and X-Boy

Had Ed dog around on the weekend. Mad fun. We all watched Megamind. Mad movie. Then we ate a pack of Smarties each. Mad treat. Then in the morning we made some sculptures. Mad nerdy. PS. Where the heck is this Fig place? I've never heard of it and the boys won't tell me. Mad bummed.

Fig.1: Blueprint of Jo from Mars by Milo.

Fig.2: Blueprint of Spike from Avalon by Eddie.

Fig.3: Blueprint of Tim from Fig by Iggy.

Fig.4: Blueprint of X-Boy from Fig by Milo

Fig.5: Sculpture of Jo from Mars. "He'll crush your bones for fun." - Milo.

Fig.6: Sculpture of Spike from Avalon. "Spike can do ollies." - Eddie.

Fig.7: Sculpture of Tim from Fig. "Tim's cool isn't he dad?" - Iggy.

Fig.8: Sculpture of X-boy from Fig. "X-Boy eats swamp rats." - Milo.

Fig.9: Ed dog and Spike. Both from Av.

Fig.10: Milo and X-Boy. Go Fig!

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